April 19, 2012 Meeting Resources


April is School Library Month
Children's Book Week is May 7 - 13, and Children's Choice Book Awards voting is open until May 3. Teachers and librarians can enter group totals.

InstaGrok search engine

Google Docs

Richard Byrne has posted a new ebook Google Docs for Teachers intended for new users. It includes a helpful section on using Forms to collect information.
Jennifer Lagarde has a short cheat sheet for Google Forms.


Pinterest on Copyright and Fair Use resources for student projects:
Pinterest lets you organize and share what you find on the web. See Pinterest's Pinning 101 for help getting started
20 Ways Libraries are Using Pinterest Right Now offers examples
Jennifer Lagarde's Library Love pinterest
16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest infographic
5 Tips for Using Pinterest in your Classroom
5 Pinterest Tools


Demo on YouTube
YouTube video about managing classes on Storybird

Ideas to Steal

Library Displays: Creative ideas for promoting books
The Shelf Challenge from elementary school librarian Matthew C. Winner, aka the Busy Librarian who tweets at @MatthewWinner
John Schu is a K-5 School Librarian who blogs and tweets at @MrSchuReads
Middle School Librarian Jennifer Lagarde's blog is Adventures of Library Girl, and she tweets as Library Girl @jenniferlagarde
KidsReads and TeenReads

Reading Remixed by Joyce Valenza and Wendy Stephens in ASCD's Educational Leadership March 2012 issue:
Critics claim that digital technologies are killing reading, but these teacher-librarians have observed that teens are as excited about reading as they ever were. Online communities give these readers opportunities to get to know authors, communicate with other fans, and learn more about books of interest. Publishers and authors are creating sites for readers and developing books that readers can experience on multiple platforms. Many readers, inspired by the books they love, are creating their own content or banding together to raise money and awareness for important causes. This article covers the many ways teen readers are using digital technology, interacting with books, authors, and one another.