October 9, 2012 Resources

Fotopedia : collaborative photo encyclopedia
Smithsonian Wild offers over 200,000 photos from motion sensor "camera traps" used in Smithsonian research projects around the world.
ARKive multimedia guide to endangered plants and animals

Digital Citizenship

FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship resources from Common Sense Media

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum
Digital Passport interactive tool is designed for grades 3-5
Cyberbullying Toolkit
Posters for Elementary and Middle/High School
Advice for Parents
Introduction to Digital Citizenship Kit developed with EdModo includes a Pledge page.

YouTube Digital Citizenship videos

Edutopia offers an annotated list of videos related to Digital Citizenship and pointers to other resources.

Professional Development

EdWeb.net has three communities directly related to school libraries
Library 2.0 2012 Online Conference - archived presentations from the Library 2.0 online conference
Teacher Librarian Virtual Cafe